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Welcome to Monster Hunter World Data!

Welcome to Monster Hunter World Data!


My name is Maximus and I want to bring every and all bits of news about Monster Hunter World together in one location. I am a huge fan of this franchise and with this recent global reveal, there is loads to get excited about for series veterans and new-comers alike!

I will go into as much detail about all the confirmed information and create speculation articles about what may also be coming, with comparisons to previous series titles.

My Monster Hunter history.

Before I was introduced to Monster Hunter games, I was/am a huge fan of action games: Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, God of War, etc.

I have been playing the series since Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, released on Playstation Portable. And while like many others, I had a difficult time getting into it. But after motivation from friends and kept pushing myself to get past the slow introduction of the series, at the time, it clicked. And once this series clicks, it doesn't stop! The thrilling battles of each monster in this game is the showcase that Capcom is trying to push, and Monster Hunter World is no exception! With every new release, the franchise has brought new things to the table, good and bad to be honest, but the series creators have listened and learned. But, they cannot make everyone happy with every decision they make.

First thing everyone needs to understand is that the Monster Hunter series is a Japanese game series. Over the years I have ready countless comments from gamers about "Why do I have to flex after drinking a potion", "Why are animations so slow", this is Capcom Japan's take on what it's like to hunter monsters with crazy weapons. Once you look past this and get into the meat and bones of the combat systems and mechanics of your favorite weapon, you will see that there is great content.

One last remark I would like to make is comparing the Monster Hunter Series to other games or clones, briefly. While there have been a number of these types of games; God Eater, Toukiden, Monster Hunter still stands tall over these titles. And the greatest one, in my opinion, is Dark Souls. Learning is key in both Monster Hunter and Dark Souls, but what separates them is combos and landing powerful unique weapon attacks. I will admit, I am not very experienced with Dark Souls, could never really get into them, but I would think they would be very fitting for my taste. But it just didn't click, I felt very lost, but thats the point I guess. Learning the Monsters/Bosses in Monster Hunter, with your favorite weapons, just has a spark that separates its from any other game/clone that are out there.

Stay tuned for more updates!