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New Features and Mechanics

New Features and Mechanics

Here's a brief overview of some the new features and topics brought up in interviews and during a closed door demo session at E3.

Please note that all of this information is based on online information provided by people that have seen/spoke to Capcom about Monster Hunter World.


There was a bit of confusion initially about Monster Hunter World, the game is NOT open world, but rather, the maps do not have loading segments from zone to zone. The maps will still be separated by numbered segments, just like previous titles, but are said to be much larger than the maps from previous games.


[My speculations]

Again, more confusion based on rumors and speculations, but Monster Hunter World will have quests. With the little info we have right now, here is my take on how these will work. In the village or Guild hub, we can accept a quest, then we set out via a type of transportation to the quest objectives location. The quests timer seems to be a thing of the past and we won't be teleported out of the location a pawn completion of an objective and we can continue to explore and hunt other monsters.


It seems that the trailer segment with the Hunter being carried by, what looks like, a Remobra, is the primary means of travel from the Village/Guild Hub to quest location. Very interested to find out more.


Stealth has always been a small part of the Monster Hunter series, but in Monster Hunter World, they are expanding on it. Mainly used for silliness, but can be used in some ways to help you get an advantage of a hunt. For example, Plesioth can be fished up while he does not notice you with a Frog lure, another is for getting Gargwa Eggs, or if you are able to stay unseen you can sneak up to any unaware monster to get a few extra hits in before the monster attacks you.

Items and Tools

Here are a list of new Items and Tools we have seen from the trailer and reports from E3.

  • Slinger - This is a slingshot like tool that seems to be used in many different ways, like distracting monsters or used to set off traps.
  • Grappling Hook - Used to get into the fight or escape from deadly situations.
  • Traps - Traps seem to be apart of the locations environment now, but maybe still traditional items.
  • Scout Flies - A unique tool used to highlight items of interest around you, seems to be a consumable that you need resources to use.
  • Base Camp - A home location for the location you are exploring, it has been said that you can now change equipment and weapon type during a quest.
  • Cooldowns - The only example of this we have at this time is the Gillie suit we see in the trailer, a unique ability that allows you to hide from certain monsters, but was also said could be used differently too.

Jump Attacks & Mounting

As shown in the trailer, jump attacks are very much a part of Monster Hunter World, and has been received as a huge step forward in the Monster Hunter series core mechanics. Mounting seems have some dramatic changes, as my first impression from the trailer, it looks almost just like Dragon Dogma's grapple system. But after reading more info, it's very unclear at this point. One note that was made is that once your are mounted, you can them move to different points on the monster to deal damage. Here's what I think, the new Grappling Hook tool grants a high chance to successfully mount the monster and Jump Attacks will be more or less the same as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Generations.

Monster AI

With Monster Hunter coming to current generation consoles, Capcom is trying to expand the game in a way to utilize that power. The limitations of the Playstation Portable and the Nintendo 3DS have pretty much hinder the developers from really innovating. One key note that I read was a expansion on the Monster's AI. In current games, the monsters would just simply follow a designated path, based on what location they are in and what difficulty the quest is. Now it seems with how the locations are changes and how Monster Hunter World's ecosystem is "living", we will be seeing new behavior and interactions between monsters that cross paths.

Here are a few examples:

  • The Hunter is being chased by Anjanath and wind up being in what looks like a Rathalos nest. Rathalos flies in, attacks Anjanath and proceeds to pick it up, like it's going to fly away with it or even throw it off the cliff.
  • The Great Jagras is shown swallowing a whole Aptonoth, then later said during a demo that it regurgitated it to feed it's young.
  • Two key moments during the Anjanath sequence, firstly when the hunter mounts it, it tries to retaliate by ramming a tree. Secondly, while in the nest area, it accidentally rams the rocky edge of the nest, breaking some of the rocks and then allowing a flow of water. This water flow then proceed to knock over the Anjanath and the Hunter, sending them plummeting below.