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Collector's/Limited Editions & Pre-order Bonuses?

Collector's/Limited Editions & Pre-order Bonuses?

While Capcom has yet to reveal if a Collector's/Limited Edition of Monster Hunter World will be released, we have seen some in the past.

Here is a list of all the US editions with a Collector's/Limited edition:

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (Nintendo 3DS)

Monster Hunter Tri (Nintendo Wii)

Japan has seen many more of these "special" editions than the western market, here are a few:

Monster Hunter Double Cross (Nintendo Switch)

Monster Hunter Double Cross (Nintendo 3DS)

Monster Hunter 4 (Nintendo 3DS)

Pre-order bonuses for Monster Hunter games, in the west, have been almost non-existent unfortunately. But in Japan, there would be a sort of "Day One Edition" where you would get codes for free Nintendo 3DS themes, but only redeemable on a Japanese system. There was one US bonus that was excellent, for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, where a free copy of the E-Guide was given! Strategy guides are another rare accessory in the west, where as Japan would get very extensive guides will all the games technical information.