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Let's talk about MHXX**

Let's talk about MHXX**



Capcom has slightly back peddled this statement with the following.

As I originally stated, only time will tell.


Capcom has stated that they will not be localizing Monster Hunter Double Cross for the west. The source specifically states the Nintendo Switch version, but it's pretty safe to say that the Nintendo 3DS version will be the same.

This is a simple move to not spread out the community of the west with two new games, and encourages a push to Monster Hunter World.

Original Post:

So where it currently stands, there will be no announcement of a localized version of Monster Hunter Double Cross. This is sad news indeed, but maybe, if we can get our head together for a moment and accept this, this is probably the best thing Capcom could have done with the release of Monster Hunter World.

Confirmation, from Capcom, about Monster Hunter Double Cross West.

This is probably the biggest annoucement ever in the series for a few reasons:

  • First ever global simultaneous release
  • Full HD scale graphic
  • Moving from handheld devices to home console, including PC for the very first time
  • Drop-in multiplayer
  • Real voice acting, again for the first time in the series

Monster Hunter Double Cross released on March 18th 2017 for the Nintendo 3DS and is coming to Nintendo Switch, in Japan, on August 25th 2017. While this might not be optimal for all, but all Nintendo Switch owners can still play MHXX, but the game will be in Japanese. When Monster Hunter 4 released, I played it to completion in Japanese, and really didn't have to much difficulty, but that's what my love for this series thrives me to do.

But this is all subject to change, as maybe Capcom is waiting until after the sales of both Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Stories, which releases this Fall, go through before localizing it. Only time will tell.