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DLC in Monster Hunter World

DLC in Monster Hunter World

Capcom has not issued any statements about what kind of DLC will come to Monster Hunter World, but it was stated that the Playstation 4 version will have exclusive content. Whether this "content" is a simple bonus "Item Pack" like we've seen in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Generations, we will have to wait longer for further confirmation.

Previous series entries have seen loads of completely FREE DLC, since Monster Hunter Freedom on the Playstation Portable. This normally consist of Quests, Item Packs, Weapons, Armor Sets, Seasonal Vendor Items, Guild Card additional, and even Monsters! But there are things to take into account about how this game series DLC works. Due to limitations of hardware which the game is released on, PSP/Wii/WiiU/3DS, all of this content is already in-place with in the vanilla game files. When you actually "download" the content, you are actually just downloading an unlock code that allows your save file to access it. But Max, you said monsters were in the DLC?! Yes, correct, here are a few examples.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

G-rank Fatalis was not available until the DLC quest was released.

Monster Hunter Generations

Hyper Silver Rathalos, Hyper Deviljho, and Hyper Rajang were not available until after the DLC quests were released.

Just like every other game developer, DLC has become another way to generate more revenue for their products. Love it or hate it, DLC isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Will we see a Season Pass for Monster Hunter World or will Capcom keep the series DLC the same as what previous titles have provided?

Due to the hardware limitations, it was pretty close to impossible release a 5GB patch that contained 4 new monsters, or 3 new locations. But Max, what about the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo Switch, these systems can handle larger updates. While you are correct, the games released/releasing on these platforms are ports of their portable versions and are designed for crossplay. So these types of additions are still limited by hardware.

It will be very interesting to see what will happen on this front for sure.