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A New Generation (Part 2)**

A New Generation (Part 2)**


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New reports are rolling with more information from the E3 show floor, and it sounds unbelievable!


  • Using items - Potions, Rations, and Steaks usage has been sped up to keep the action going, no more striking a pose afterwards. And maybe even other items too.
  • Item selecting is different as well, clicking in the Right Analog stick will bring up a item wheel, make things faster. And the D-Pad enables new pages for Gestures, favorites, and more.
  • Maps are no longer just segmented into large battle arenas, but also contain narrow/smaller areas. Some maps have up to 16 numbered areas!
  • Maps have multiple base camps, and can be fast traveled to.
  • UI become minimal when not engaged in combat.
  • Damage numbers will help new comers understand monster hit boxes and weak points, but can be disabled.
  • Mounting doesn't seem to have a meter anymore, you must learn the behavior of the monster to succeed.
  • Confirmed that Great Sword and Heavy Bowgun have new moves/abilities and it's probably safe to say all weapons will have new additions.
  • Confirmed with Heavy Bowgun, but could be a global ability with all weapons, can sprint up terrain, like a tree, to jump for an aerial attack.
  • Gathering is not done via points anymore, but by finding the creature/item naturally, much like Breath of the Wild.
  • Enivornment can be very helpful in battles, insects will carry some kind of green sap that you can quickly gather for a heal, find a Flash bug flying around to cause it to explode, barrel bombs can cause trees to fall down causing damage to monsters under it.
  • Mantles are a type of cooldown, maybe World's version of smaller Hunter Arts. Confirmed ones are the Gillie Mantle for stealth, Challenger Mantle to aggro a monster, and Rocksteady Mantle to reduce your damage and increase your knockdown resistance.
  • Quest still have a limit of 3 deaths/carts.
  • Monsters will have unique animations/attacks to other monsters that cause serious damage.

A shoutout and big thanks to ProJared and Arekkz Gaming for suppling all this information.

You can watch their E3 videos here.